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York Potash Mine – Update

By 23/03/2018News

With the York Potash being the world’s largest mine of Polyhalite to date, it is no surprise that it has generated an estimated 2,500 jobs to keep the £10bn mine on track for its 2021 finish.

The name for the Woodsmith mine came from two of the geologists that help the Potash mine become a reality, Peter Woods and Frederick Smith. The name was unveiled last year before the commencement of the project.

If finding out more is something that is of interest to you, Sirius Minerals have recently opened a new exhibit about the Potash Mine at the Whitby Museum. The exhibit is said to ‘take visitors through the geological and mining history of the area, and describes how the mine will be built and function’, for more information about this you can visit https://whitbymuseum.org.uk/special-events-2/

Since the project started over a year ago, the Woodsmith mine and surrounding areas have transformed dramatically. During 2017, 2,000 square metres of woodland habitat was preserved by changing the project design, along with the creation of a new permanent wetland habitat.

Working alongside North York Moors National Park, Sirius Minerals has gone to great lengths to ensure that the Project is sensitive to the local landscape: mineshaft head frames will be sunk below ground to reduce their visual impact; surface buildings will be kept to a minimum; and the entire site will be landscaped and screened by existing woodland to blend in with the surrounding area.

Here is a video of how the site has developed in the last year:


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